Version 2015/08/25 Specification covers the following products:

    PinPAC 1, PinPAC 2, PinPAC 2 MAC, PinPAC 3, and PinPAC 5

Compatible for the following CPU based systems.

System PinPAC 1 PinPAC 2 PinPAC 3 PinPAC 5
Williams/ Bally WPC DM Yes No


Williams/ Bally WPC DCS Yes No Yes No
Williams/ Bally WPC 95 Yes Yes Yes No
Stern Whitestar systems *1 Yes Yes No
Stern SAM systems *1 Yes Yes 2015 and newer w
"H" coin doors.

Subwoofer / Audio Output:

  • As of April 2015 Pinpac 1, PinPAC2 and PinPAC 2/5 MAC, PinPAC 3 now come standard with a subwoofer output jack

Speaker Inputs (Sound Board outputs):

System Back Box Speakers Cabinet speaker
Williams/ Bally WPC DM 1 combined channel 1 combined channel
Williams/ Bally WPC DCS 1 channel 1 channel
Williams/ Bally WPC 95 1 channel 1 channel
Stern Whitestar systems 1 channel 1 channel
Stern SAM systems 1 channel 1 channel

Headphone Output Level Potentiometer

  • hot molded carbon element
  • one piece housing and bushing
  • stainless-steel shaft
  • compact size
  • quality meeting or exceeding MIL-R-94 -QPL listed
  • Power Rating: 0.5 watts at 70 °C
  • Mechanical rotation 295 °
  • Operational Torque: 0.5 oz/in to 6 oz/in
  • Rotational life: 25,000 cycles
  • Operational temperature -65 °C
  • Humidity Range: per MIL-R-94
  • Vibration Range: per MIL-R-94
  • Shock Resistance: per-MIL-R-94


  • Speaker output(s) to system Back Box and Cabinet speakers.

  • Back Box Interface Board: 3.5 mm Stereo jack (Mono output) R and L are connected together. Do not use a mono cable.

  • Optional Cable: Output terminates in choice of stereo 3.5 mm male plug  for subwoofers with 3.5 mm inputs OR using supplied adapter, RCA male outputs for subwoofers with RCA inputs.

  • PINsmx compatible: YES. PINsmx accepts 3.5mm stereo input cable.

  • Ground: Referenced to system ground. If connecting two outputs to one subwoofer, verify grounds on inputs to subwoofer are isolated! If not isolated, mute function on headphone kit may not function properly. PINsmx Subwoofer mixer is recommended for properly mixing up to 4 game outputs.


Subwoofer Output Level: 

Output Level
  • Speaker level divided by 2


  • Short circuit protected. Output impedance is typically 200 Ohms and if cable to subwoofer is shorted to ground, amplifier will be protected by series output resistance.


  • Unmixed, Cabinet speaker only. Note: Cabinet speaker audio and Back Box audio are very similar in audio frequency range and content in our findings.

Mute Function:

  • User choice of Mute/no mute using front panel switch
  • Switch rated 6A 125V
  • Contact resistance 50m Ohm max.


  • *1: PinPAC 1 also works for these systems but is replaced by PinPAC2.