Stern SAM CPU Systems with type "H" coin doors
Click a Link below to see Machine on IPDB  (a new window will open.). Type H coin door will probably not be shown on IPDB.
Iron Man Vault Edition*    
Metallica (All 4 versions) * Star Trek (Starfleet Pro)* The Walking Dead (Pro)*
Mustang (LE)* Star Trek (Vengeance Premium)* The Walking Dead (Premium)*
Mustang (Premium "Boss")*    
Mustang (Pro)*    
* This title has been shipped with original type "D" and "E" coin doors. Some 2015 and newer models may get shipped with a type "H" Coin doors and will require a PinPAC5 kit instead. Please check our Coin doors page to learn what coin door you have. Then see out PinPAC 5 kit if you have the "H" coin door.